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Femoral nerve block

A regional anaesthetic block

This regional anaesthetic involves blocking the nerves that supply the area where the surgeon will be operating. This reduces the number of anaesthetic drugs we need to give which in turn reduces the side effects - feeling sick for example.

A femoral nerve block can be used to numb some of the nerves that supply the hip and the knee. It is useful for hip and knee surgery. The block is often performed when you are asleep, involves locating the femoral nerve in the groin by ultrasound or using a special stimulating needle and then injecting some local anaesthetic. This may cause some temporary numbness and weakness in your leg for up to 72 hours.

The risks of having a femoral nerve block are minimal, but include:

  • Damage to the neighbouring vein and artery
  • Failure to provide adequate pain relief
  • Nerve injury

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